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In this last time we are excited and happy with this new digital project “Vivenciar.net” with the joy of being part of those who are working to reach new people from social networks and the digital world, bringing content relevant to them, with the intention to begin to have a special approach in conversations. A regional team from Latin America is working hard on this and we are being supported by all ministry centers that are eager to implement this new platform in their countries. Our joy knows that we can reach all the countries of Latin America from a single place, training the local volunteers to get involved with this project.


For this reason, with the support of the pastor of Buenos Aires, Hector Fester, who works at CPTLN in Argentina, he has been dedicated to train all the directors via skype for several days. In the case of Uruguay, Sheila Baptista will be one of the coordinators of this project and Pastor André Muller has been extremely interested in being able to participate as a volunteer. Sheila is very excited about the Vivenciar project and is currently writing content for the page. The text of “The Stress” was written by her and we are happy to be able to give her this ability to develop her gifts in writing for this precious work, drawing on her knowledge in communication and journalism.

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In partnership with the University Bible Community “CBU”, in conjunction with the support of our Lutheran Church, at the beginning of the school year, we wanted to accompany them to hold a great event to call young people from different universities to participate in various thematic workshops in our church , In order to talk about the challenges of the university today, the student challenges and be united so that we can start this new school year with joy. Inviting by social networks, more than 50 people participated in a special day of talks organized by the students themselves and then a special time of music by the band “Sin Etiqueta”. We thank the San Pablo School for lending us the facilities and to CBU for approaching a special public of young people, with a life and profession ahead.


From CPTLN we offer our stand to share with the people our materials and merchandising, thus giving us knowing to a new public. Many were interested in participating in our future activitie.


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The church’s teenage group is growing Friday through Friday. On this occasion we invited young people to participate in a special time, going out to the theater with them and attending a Christian theater play, called “Señor , Creo en Ti”. It is a group of amateur actors from different evangelical churches that for a few months are preparing for this beautiful presentation. To our surprise, 26 kids went with us and we were able to share this time with them, knowing a little more about the history of Jesus and His Passion at the cross, dying for our sins.

jusanpa teatro

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In the month of March we were sharing a time of retreat with young group of “Jóvenes +”, the group of young adults of the church. We were sharing a weekend out of the city of Montevideo, in the state of Canelones.

retiro bien.jpg

During a weekend, and following the line of work of the Bible studies “God connects” that we work during 2016, we return to the reflection of the 10 commandments. Some of the young people prepared a reflection on the 10 commandments based on the Catechism of Luther, deepening in their teachings that apply to our daily life. We give thanks for that precious time of unity and study of the Word. We are happy because God is doing great things with the young people of the Lutheran church.

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We are very happy for the challenges that will come in the new Ministry Center located in the heart of this beautiful neighborhood, Prado. We made some arrangements, thanks to the help of several friends, mainly Gustavo Silveira who took care of painting, electricity and other details. Grateful for the new space, a more spacious and friendly place for CPTLN activities. On this occasion, we decided to fill the wall of one of the rooms with a unique mural. What we did is very special, it has biblical symbols and they contain the sacrifice that Jesus made for us. The mural was commissioned by three very dear artists friends of our Ministry Center, three young people who participate in Jusanpa, who came and brought their gifts to portray the beautiful painting. They worked for only two days and they did an amazing job!!!


We thank Anahara, Sofía and Fabian for their service, gift and dedication in this project. We know that for future activities the mural will be kicked to discuss and share the work of Jesus, it is totally worth it!.

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Uruguayan FORUM:

The last days of March (23 to 25) at the CPTLN location, we enjoyed the URUGUAYAN FORUM 2017, where we received the partners and friends of the Lutheran Church in Uruguay to a special time of meetings, working on the strategic plan df the mission in this country.

We were pleased to host these special meetings at our new CPTLN ministry center. It was a very special time for us to receive these team to work during a special weekend.

foro marzo

We took this opportunity to thank for this new place and made a special dedication of the local building, together with the support of Paulo Warth who accompanies us at each special meeting and with Pastor James Sharp who directed us in a special liturgy giving thanks to God for this beautiful work from the Ministry Center.

Pastor James Tino from Chile shared as a theological theme the work in the mission with the support of CPTLN, understanding in this way the Urban Mission and the challenges of reaching non-Christians.

Pastor Rony Marquardt of IELB shared a special workshop time at church talking about “the 500 years of the Reformation,” as it continues to impact our lives and the mission of bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all. It was a time of much learning.


The Sunday service was a great celebration where we opened the school year, inviting the children and parents of the school, together with the children’s choir, to thank God and ask for His blessings in this 2017. We end this beautiful time with delicious burgers and lots of joy.

We greatly thank our Lord for this time of fellowship and work in the church and missions


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We were pleased to receive and meet the Accountant, Mr. David Lanius, part of the LHM staff in the USA. We thank God for the training time with him, and for all the things we learned and shared in the time of his stay. It was the first time we received an auditor and for that reason we were very much helped by his advice and support for this new beginning, in this new house of CPTLN in Montevideo! We want to thank David for his kindness.

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