We were pleased to receive and meet the Accountant, Mr. David Lanius, part of the LHM staff in the USA. We thank God for the training time with him, and for all the things we learned and shared in the time of his stay. It was the first time we received an auditor and for that reason we were very much helped by his advice and support for this new beginning, in this new house of CPTLN in Montevideo! We want to thank David for his kindness.



This month we are delighted to mention two precious testimonies of two young people who have begun to become involved in our Lutheran church after being part of the youth group and having a close bond with both the church and CPTLN that has assisted them.

First of all we give thanks to God for the life of Ines, a beautiful young woman of 12 years who on February 19, together with her parents and godparents, was baptized in a beautiful celebration that filled us with joy, a party on earth and in heaven. Ines is a student of San Pablo, but due to labor issues of her parents, this 2017 they will have to move to Chile. For that reason, Ines approached to ask to be baptized and that fills us with a tremendous joy, recognizing the fruits of the Holy Spirit in her life. We have invested a lot in her during the youth meetings and everything shared in her life and we are happy to know the work that the Lord is doing inInes life in this special moment.


We also want to give thanks to God for the life of another beautiful young man, Facundo, who already two years ago he regularly participates in Jusanpa youth meetings. Facundo is 14 years old and is a student of the school and is faithful to every Friday of the meetings , and also of the weekly studies of “God connects” that we did in 2016. Although Facundo had not manifested wanting to be baptized or confirmed his faith, he had the possibility of traveling to Brazil to the Latin American Congress youth gathering,  and we know that this time of communion has borne fruits.


The Holy Spirit acts on Facundo since a few days ago he mentioned in public that he want to be baptized and to profess his faith. This precious time is already scheduled and we will celebrate this new birth on April 1st. Now Facundo will have some classes of preparation for baptism and also classes of confirmation (although he is already well prepared in the doctrine!) To be able to become a member of our Lutheran church. We are grateful to God for these young people who profess their faith in Jesus Christ and that the Lord adopts them as their children through baptism, making them be born again to eternal life, life in abundance!

testimonio facu.jpg





Saying goodbye to David.We thank God for the time that David Rode accompanied us at CPTLN, during the replacement of Paula. David was responsible for working with the database, helping us at the financial issues with a lot of responsibility. We are happy to have been able to share this time with him and we ask God to guide his life to new work challenges to come and to continue to use him for good as it has been until now. Thank you very much David for your work and dedication!.


Saying hello to Paula

As a testimony of this month we want to thank God and share the joy we have in reintegrating our beloved companion Paula Rebollo, who for many years was part of the CPTLN staff in Uruguay, but in 2016, for work and family matters she should have been absent from the team, reintegrating again in 2017. Paula is full of gifts to work with young people and children, as she cheers the heart with her endearing character “Estrellita”, who shares the good news in a tender and simple way to kids. We are confident that we can regain our strength to continue working with the children, bringing the Gospel message to the little ones. May God bless this new beginning of Paula on the staff and allow us to continue working together to be able to proclaim His Word the way he wanted us to do.




Aparcanto in Mexico

Aparcanto in Mexico

The Uruguayan choir “Aparcanto”, directed by Dir. Mario Occhiuzzi, is closely linked to our Lutheran church and has supported us with number of events and presentations, where from their musical gifts they have been able to delighting us with their music in many occasions.


In January 2017 they had the opportunity to start a special tour in Mexico for the first time and we are proud to mention that our brothers from the Lutheran Church and the whole CPTLN team welcomed them in their presentation at “El Buen Pastor”  (“The Good Shepherd”) congregation, making their art known and carrying also words of faith and hope to that nation. We are very grateful to the management that kindly Dr. Nilo Figur (Regional CPTLN coordinator of Latin America and Caribeean) and Mr. Rafael Ruelas (Mexico Ministry director) performed , to started a partnership with CPTLN, and of course we thank the choral group for the willingness to be part of this special event and leave a precious message with their music.

Rafael Ruelas (Mexico Ministry director) performed , to started a partnership with CPTLN, and of course we thank the choral group for the willingness to be part of this special event and leave a precious message with their music.

As we have told throughout the year, CPTLN as an evangelistic arm that support  the church, during this time has been offered with much love, in materials and resources to the work  with young people.


We thank God for the fruits of the faith in the lives of this kids, who have committed themselves to participate consistently in the weekly meetings , that have been baptized and confirmed they faith in the Lutheran church, and who have also being part and support the work of CPTLN as volunteers. But undoubtedly the most relevant of the year has been their commitment in their willing to participate as the Jusanpa youth group in the Latin American youth congress in Celso Ramos, Santa Catarina, Brazil.


In total, 9 kids from the Lutheran Church of Uruguay participated for the first time in this event that took place in Brazil from January 17 to 22.They returned with the renewed spirit of wanting to continue to serve the Lord with joy, in the commitment as young christians to bring the Word of God to other and to continue to be part of this beautiful family of faith, “united in Christ”, remembering the event slogan.



Together with the precious work that the Lutheran Mission is developing to bring new people to the church, we join in this summer season, in support of the advertisement of this new  summer Bible School for children.



During a cycle of 3 Fridays, from January 27 to February 10, we have promoted in several places this nice activity for the afternoon, inviting the children to participate in “A Odyssey by the Sea”, telling Bible stories related to the sea and the miracles of Jesus.


We have come to spread this activity weekly on Facebook and by SMS and Whatsapp and to our joy some new children came along with their parents to participate in these evenings of games and learning. More than 12 children participated in each meeting, and we are very happy to receive new children that came by the promotion that we did on Facebook and Whatsapp.


As we have changed the physical space that we shared with the Lutheran Mission, the new objective is being able to be more intentionally with the activities in partnership with the Lutheran Mission,  and that they can count with us for the promotion and advertisement  of all the special activities, inviting new people to come. We will plan to have coordination meetings every two weeks, to maintain the link and continue to support each other.


In Uruguay, January is characterized as the month of summer vacations, where our capital city, Montevideo, still empty by not having people going to their jobs and their usual routines.

As we have already announced in previous reports, we started 2017 with a big challenged to have a new building for the ministry center, a place that makes us very happy to have!! We are enjoying all the changes and all the arrangements of the place, which renew the expectations of continuing to serve the Lord with such great joy.

We are also challenged by this new neighborhood, its neighbors, and the possibilities of approaching them in a creative way with the message of the Gospel, knowing that it will generate much curiosity in who we are and what we do.

local-1  local-2

We are starting to planning the outdoor advertising,  large external posters that will announce and welcome visitors to come in, and that we trust will have a very good exterior look. We will also use them to make known the special celebration of this new year 2017 where we celebrate the 500 years of Lutheran reformation.

BIG special thanks:We give thanks for all the dedication and love that the father of our Director, Mr. Gustavo, has been providing us in this time of moving. With his gifts in painting he has been helping us not only to paint the new premises but also giving us  a hand with the decoration and the move of the furniture, what a blessing is to have Gustavo among us! We are grateful to be able to count on him and we give thanks to God for his heart of solidarity. We ask that this year we can get closer to Gustavo since in a short time he will retire from his work.  That opportunity gives us many ideas to be able to involve his gifts and talents in terms of new programs, such as an artistic workshop in the ministry center of CPTLN. God bless his precious life!.


Getting dirty during the improvements at the ministry center!


  •                                        Gustavo and Martha, both parents of Gabriela, our director.
  •                                                                         Gustavo is the “Volunteer of the year”!